Flow stress corresponds to

A. Fluids in motion

B. Breaking point

C. Plastic deformation of solids

D. Rupture stress

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  1. When wood is heated with a limited supply of air to a temperature not less than 280°C, the resulting…
  2. If the value of n = 0 in the equation pvn = C, then the process is called
  3. The stress developed in a material at breaking point in extension is called
  4. The efficiency of a Carnot engine depends on
  5. Carbonisation of coal consists of
  6. When a gas is heated at constant pressure
  7. The thermal efficiency of an ideal gas turbine plant is given by (where r = Pressure ratio)
  8. A body is subjected to a tensile stress of 1200 MPa on one plane and another tensile stress of 600 MPa…
  9. The limit of eccentricity for no tensile conditions for a column of circular section of diameter (D)…
  10. The maximum bending moment for the beam shown in the below figure, is
  11. The ratio of maximum shear stress developed in a rectangular beam and a circular beam of the same cross-sectional…
  12. A coil is cut into two halves, the stiffness of cut coil will be
  13. The ultimate analysis of coal consists of the determination of the percentage of
  14. In a free expansion process,
  15. Flow stress corresponds to
  16. The __________ states that change of internal energy of a perfect gas is directly proportional to the…
  17. The gas turbine cycle with regenerator improves
  18. According to Avogadro's law, the density of any two gases is __________ their molecular masses, if the…
  19. Relation between cp and cv is given by (where cp = Specific heat at constant pressure, cv = Specific…
  20. One kg of carbon monoxide requires _______kg of oxygen to produce 11/7 kg of carbon dioxide gas.
  21. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  22. Shear stress induced in a shaft subjected to tension will be
  23. After reaching the yielding stage while testing a mild steel specimen, strain
  24. Stirling and Ericsson cycles are
  25. Diesel cycle consists of __________ processes.
  26. When two plates are butt together and riveted with cover plates with two rows of rivets, the joint is…
  27. When the gas is cooled at constant pressure,
  28. One kg of carbon requires 4/3 kg of oxygen and produces __________ kg of carbon monoxide gas.
  29. In the below figure, the stress corresponding to point D is
  30. The mass of flue gas per kg of fuel is the ratio of the