Flux addition during smelting of ore is done to

A. Remove impurities/gangue

B. Enhance rate of reaction

C. Accelerate reduction of ore

D. Separate slag from metal

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  1. Hydrazine is used in water treatment for the removal of
  2. Kopper-Totzek coal gasifier
  3. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
  4. The biochemical treatment applied to sewage effluents is a process of
  5. Which of the following has sodium bicarbonate as its main constituent?
  6. Sulphuric acid is mainly used in the __________ industry.
  7. Which of the following additives/water proofing agents is added to lower the hydrophilic (moisture loving)…
  8. The metallic aluminium is obtained from pure alumina in the presence of fused cryolite by
  9. Catalyst used in the oxidation of benzene to produce Maleic anhydride is
  10. The difference between saponification value and acid value is
  11. Baking soda is chemically represented by
  12. Production of one ton of dry paper pulp requires about __________ tons of bamboo or wood.
  13. Which of the following sugars is the sweetest?
  14. The drug used in contraceptives is
  15. Solvent used for extraction of oil is
  16. Le-Blanc process is a primitive process for the manufacture of
  17. Polycaprolactam is commercially known as
  18. A unit operation is exemplified by the process of
  19. Pick out the wrong statement.
  20. Hydrogenation of edible vegetable oils
  21. Chloramines are used in water treatment for
  22. Sand and __________ is fused at 1300°C, to produce sodium silicate.
  23. Dehydrogenation of Isopropanol produces
  24. The most economical pulp for the production of newsprint would be the __________ pulp.
  25. Sulphur removal by heating of pyrite ore in presence of air is called its
  26. Phthalic anhydride is used
  27. Which of the following is used as a binding material in soap to improve soap texture?
  28. __________ is used as a catalyst in fat splitting.
  29. Viscose rayon
  30. Cation exchanger is regenerated usually with