For a linear circuita ___ voltage or current is used to calculate average power.

A. Rms

B. Peak

C. Average

D. Instantaneous

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  1. What is the form factor of a triangular wave?
  2. The charging of a capacitor through a resistance obeys
  3. What determines the direction of induced emf in a conductor or coil?
  4. The graph between an alternating quantity and time is called
  5. The internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is
  6. Capacitance increase with
  7. For multi-plate capacitora capacitance is proportional to
  8. What is the temperature coefficient of the resistance Eureka?
  9. When two coils of identical reactance are in parallel without mutual inductancea the reactance of the…
  10. What is the reciprocal of quality factor?
  11. A capacitor is used to
  12. Series resonant circuit is sometimes known as
  13. A rheostat is a form of
  14. Another term for superconductor.
  15. Resistor with colored bands in the body
  16. What is the total effective capacitance of two 0.25 F capacitors connected in series?
  17. The reason why alternating current can induce voltage is
  18. According to Gauss theorema flux can be equated to
  19. For a carbon composition resistora typical resistance values range from
  20. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a wire-wound resistor?
  21. It is impossible to change the voltage across a capacitor instantlya as this would produce ___ current.
  22. The average value of a triangular or sawtooth wave is _____ times its peak value.
  23. Which of the following represents the energy stored in a cap
  24. Which of the following materials has the lowest dielectric strength?
  25. An inductance of 1 mH is
  26. The electric field strength between capacitor plates has a unit
  27. A trimmer is a variable capacitor in which capacitance is varied by changing the
  28. Effects of capacitance
  29. What is the peak factor of a triangular wave?
  30. If the capacitance of mica capacitor is 5 times the capacitcitora then the relative permittivity of…