For what picture, Jonathan Demme won Best Director for Oscar?

A. Philadelphia

B. Silence of the Lambs

C. Heart of Gold

D. None

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  1. Name the missile, which has been Indian Navy tested successfully on 21 April, 2017?
  2. Name the Indian sand artist, who will to compete in Moscow championship, Russia?
  3. Name the Minister, who has to launch Digital Exhibition on Champaran Satyagraha?
  4. Name the playback singer, who has been got Ghantasala National Award, recently?
  5. Name the Telangana Minister, who has been to address meet on water resources in U.S next month?
  6. Name the North Indian State, which is going to set up a DNA bank for wild life?
  7. Name the Cricket Player, who has been named 10,000 runs club in T 20 s, recently?
  8. State the India's position, in which travel and tourism sector across the World
  9. Name the person, who has been built World's First Museum of Polar Lands, recently?
  10. Name the scientist, who has conferred with young scientist in 2016 Geoscience awards?
  11. Name the person, who has been appointed as Executive Director of RBI, recently?
  12. Name the formula one racer, who has been won the Chinese Grandprix 2017, Recently?
  13. State the place of India in the World's military spenders list (SIPRI), recently
  14. Name the Space Center, which has been launched the first recycled rocket, recently?
  15. State the day, on which the World Autism Awareness Day Observed every year?
  16. Name the Indian Visually impaired athlete, who has been completed Boston Marathon, recently?
  17. Name the tower, which has been World's 5th tallest building, opens in Seoul, recently?
  18. Name the marathon racer smashes three world records at Prague Half Marathon, recently?
  19. Name the Indian Badminton Player, who has been lifted Indian Open Badminton title?
  20. Name the country, which has been opened its Honorary Consulate in Chennai, recently?
  21. Name the State, which has been bagged Krishi Karman Award 2015-2016?
  22. Name the country, which has been renamed six places in Arunachal Pradesh, recently?
  23. Name the Indian Environmental Engineer who has been won Cartier Women's Initiative Award, recently?
  24. Name the Nepal President, who has been officially visited India, recently?
  25. Name the Indian origin judge, who has became first non-white judge at London court, recently?
  26. What is the rename of Gorakhpur Airport which was changed recently?
  27. State the no. of birth anniversary, which was celebrated through out the India on 14 April, 2017?
  28. Name the state Govt, which has been launched Operation Durga, recently?
  29. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Test & Treat Policy for HIV Patients, recently?
  30. Name the eminent Bengal Poet, who has been received 52nd Jnanpith Award by President Pranab Mukherjee,…