Forensic investigation of rape case focuses on the presence of fructose in female reproductive system, the only part of the human body producing fructose is

A. Cowper's gland

B. Prostate gland

C. Testes

D. Seminal vesicle

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  1. Immediately after ovulation, the ovum is covered by a membrane called
  2. Embryo at 16-celled stage is called ...
  3. Name the pituitary hormone that regulates sertoli cells
  4. Human placenta is
  5. What is the best sperm extraction technique for men with obstructive azoospermia?
  6. Cryptorchidism is ...
  7. In human embryo, the digestive system develops from the
  8. Epididymis is ...
  9. The rate of active movement of sperm is ...
  10. Thick layer which surrounds the ovum is ...
  11. Correct sequence in embryonic development is ..
  12. Cri-du-chat syndrome in humans is caused by the
  13. Pregnancy begins with implantation of
  14. Corona radiata is held by...
  15. Approximately how long does it take for a spermatocyte to complete its differentiation into a spermatozoan…
  16. Acrosome of sperm contains ...
  17. Villi of human placenta develop from ..
  18. The gonadotropic hormones are secreted by
  19. Hormones that control the growth and maturation of graffian follicle is
  20. Cu ions released from copper-releasing intra uterine devices (iuds)
  21. Prostate gland produces a secretion for ...
  22. In infertility treatment the ovum is fertilized outside the body and injected into the uterus
  23. Third phase of embryo development is ...
  24. The male hormone testosterone is secreted by
  25. Albinism is a congenital disorder resulting from the lack of which enzyme?
  26. Most of major organs of human embryo are formed by the
  27. Which one of the following is produced early in the life of a human female?
  28. When there is no fertilization, the corpus luteum ...
  29. Which part of the ovary act as an endocrine gland in human beings
  30. Emergency contraceptives may prevent pregnancy if used within 72 hrs of