Frames and applets cannot be used together in the same program.

A. True

B. False

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  1. A package is a collection of
  2. The use of protected keyword to a member in a class will restrict its visibility as follows:
  3. With javadoc, which of the following denotes a javadoc comment?
  4. Any class may be inherited by another class in the same package.
  5. JSP files creates ________________
  6. A thread can make second thread ineligible for execution by calling the suspend (-) method on second…
  7. putValue(...) method takes _____________________-
  8. A final class may not have any abstract method.
  9. When the string objects are compared with ==, the result is true If the strings contain the same values.
  10. The check box group class is a subclass of the component class.
  11. An individual array element that is passed to a method and modified in that method will contain the…
  12. It is perfectly legal to assign a subclass object to a supper class reference.
  13. Give file is a file object, which of the following are legal statements to create a new file.
  14. A panel can not be added to another panel.
  15. The name of the RMI compiler is ___________
  16. What does the following line of code do?TextField text=new TextField(10);
  17. When present, package must be the first no comment statement in the file.
  18. It is perfectly legal to refer to any instance variable inside of a static method.
  19. In the code below, what data types the variable x can have?
  20. forName() is a static factory method
  21. class.forName(...) creates an instance of java ODBC driver
  22. For all insert, update, delete, query operations on a database, ResultSet object creation is mandatory.
  23. Which of the following classes are available in the java.lang package?
  24. We would like to make a member of a class visible in all subclasses regardless of what package they…
  25. A Java monitor must either extend thread class or implement Runnable interface.
  26. The import statement is always the first no comment statement in a Java program files.
  27. Which of the following methods can be used to draw the outline of a square?
  28. We can add more than one class(es) at the time of compilation Java Beans.
  29. Which of the following represent legal flow control statements?
  30. In RMI before running the client program we must start RMI Registry.