Free energy changes for two reaction mechanism 'X' and 'Y are respectively - 15 and - 5 units. It implies that X is

A. Slower than Y

B. Faster than Y

C. Three times slower than Y

D. Three times faster than Y

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  1. When a gas is expanded from high pressure region to low pressure region; temperature change occurs.…
  2. In jet refrigerators, the refrigerating fluid is practically always
  3. An isolated system can exchange __________ with its surroundings.
  4. High __________ is an undesirable property for a good refrigerant.
  5. Pick out the extensive property out of the following.
  6. Mollier diagram is a plot of
  7. The unit of fugacity is the same as that of the
  8. Ideal gas law is applicable at
  9. Specific __________ does not change during phase change at constant temperature and pressure.
  10. Heat of formation of an element in its standard state is
  11. (∂E/∂T)V is the mathematical expression for
  12. Absorption/evolution of heat during conversion of a substance from one allotropic form to another is…
  13. Pick out the correct statement.
  14. For an ideal solution, the value of activity co-efficient is
  15. Throttling (Joule-Thomson effect) process is a constant __________ process.
  16. Pick out the correct equation relating 'F' and 'A'.
  17. Number of degrees of freedom for a three phase system in equilibrium comprising of three nonreacting…
  18. Equilibrium constant decreases as the temperature
  19. The value of Joule-Thomson co-efficient, in case where cooling occurs after the throttling process is
  20. Variation of equilibrium pressure with temperature for any two phases of a given substances is given…
  21. Entropy change of mixing two liquid substances depends upon the
  22. For organic compounds, group contribution method can be used for the estimation of
  23. In an ideal gas mixture, fugacity of a species is equal to its
  24. What is the value of maximum COP in case of absorption refrigeration, if refrigeration provided is at…
  25. __________ calorimeter is normally used for measuring the dryness fraction of steam, when it is very…
  26. For the reversible exothermic reaction, N2 + 3H2 2NH3, increase of pressure would
  27. Clausius-Clapeyron Equation gives accurate result, when the
  28. The temperature at which a real gas obeys the ideal gas laws over a wide range of pressure is called…
  29. y = specific heat ratio of an ideal gas is equal to
  30. Maxwell's relation corresponding to the identity, dH = dS = Vdp + Σμi dni is