Frequency of vibrations is usually expressed in

A. Number of cycles per hour

B. Number of cycles per minute

C. Number of cycles per second

D. None of these

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  1. If D₁ and D₂ be the diameters of driver and driven pulleys, then belt speed is proportional…
  2. Power of a governor is the
  3. In a screw jack, the effort required to lower the load W is given by
  4. A system in dynamic balance implies that
  5. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to the difference between a machine and a structure?
  6. A point B on a rigid link AB moves with respect to A with angular velocity ω rad/s. The radial…
  7. The displacement of a flat faced follower when it has contact with the flank of a circular arc cam,…
  8. The motion between a pair which takes place in __________ is known as incompletely constrained motion.
  9. Minimum number of teeth for involute rack and pinion arrangement for pressure angle of 20° is
  10. A torsional system with discs of moment of inertia I₁ and I₂ as shown in the below figure,…
  11. For simple harmonic motion of the of follower, a cosine curve represents
  12. When the sleeve of a Porter governor moves upwards, the governor speed
  13. Angle of dwell of cam is defined as the angle
  14. The product of the diametral pitch and circular pitch is equal to
  15. The instantaneous centres which vary with the configuration of mechanism are called
  16. An involute pinion and gear are in mesh. If both have the same size of addendum, then there will be…
  17. Sensitiveness of the governor is defined as the ratio of the
  18. The amplitude of vibration is always __________ the radius of the circle.
  19. Kinematic pairs are those which have two elements that
  20. The engine of an aeroplane rotates in clockwise direction when seen from the tail end and the aeroplane…
  21. The Ackerman steering gear mechanism is preferred to the Davis steering gear mechanism, because
  22. The natural frequency of free transverse vibrations due to a point load acting over a simply supported…
  23. In a Hartnell governor, the stiffness of the spring is given by (where S1 and S2 = Spring forces exerted…
  24. A cam mechanism imparts following motion
  25. The type of pair formed by two elements which are so connected that one is constrained to turn or revolve…
  26. The relation l = (2/3).(j + 2) apply only to kinematic chains in which lower pairs are used. This may…
  27. In a single slider crank chain
  28. Transmission angle is the angle between
  29. In railway axle boxes, the bearing used is
  30. The frictional torque transmitted in a truncated conical pivot bearing, considering uniform wear, is