Gamma radiations are used for

A. sterilising food stuff

B. controlling pests

C. cancer therapy

D. All of these

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  1. During thunder storm you are travelling in a car. To protect yourself from the lightning you will have…
  2. When white light passes through a glass prism we get a spectrum on the other side of the prism. In the…
  3. In a refrigerator, the refrigerant is
  4. The unit of heat energy is
  5. The attraction between similar molecules is called
  6. Which of the following wires of same dimensions offers least resistance to the ,flow of current?
  7. Echoes are produced by
  8. In a concert hall reverberation is controlled by
  9. Choose the scalar quantity from the following physical quantities
  10. The velocity of sound in air increases with
  11. The force that keeps a body in a circular motion la called
  12. The rate of cooling of a hot body depends on
  13. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
  14. Why is it cool near an open pond on a hot summer day?
  15. Expansion of a rod when heated
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  17. Which of the following sets of elementary particles have nearly equal masses?
  18. A permanent magnet may be demagnetised by
  19. Which part of the eye photographic camera?
  20. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because
  21. The power of a lens is
  22. Frictional force acts in
  23. A tube light works on the principle of
  24. The acoustical quality of a room depends on
  25. The resistance of a wire depends on
  26. The planet that has got a well-developed set of rings is
  27. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  28. Sound waves In 'air travel faster if
  29. In experiments on static electricity the standard method for obtaining small amounts of positive electricity…
  30. The stem of a vibrating tuning fork is pressed against a sound box. Then