Gantt chart provides information about the

A. Material handling

B. Proper utilisation of manpower

C. Production schedule

D. Efficient working of machine

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  1. Break-even analysis can be used for
  2. Micro motion study is
  3. Which of the following incentive plans ensures a part of the swing to the worker and rest to the employer?
  4. The grouping of activities into organisational units is called
  5. Which of the following plans motivates supervisors by paying a premium on time saved by workers?
  6. The interchangeability can be achieved by
  7. The bonus increases in proportion to the increase in efficiency. This statement applies to
  8. The probability distribution of project completion in PERT follows following distribution
  9. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  10. Inventory control in production, planning and control aims at
  11. A feasible solution to the linear programming problem should
  12. Critical path method
  13. If (R) is the base rate guaranteed per hour, (S) is the standard time for the job and (T) is the actual…
  14. Both Rowan plan and 50-50 Halsey plan will provide the same earning when the actual time is _________…
  15. The process capability of a machine is defined as the capability of the machine to
  16. Which of the following statement is correct about the network diagram?
  17. Production cost refers to prime cost plus
  18. Gantt chart provides information about the
  19. The aim of value engineering is to
  20. Routing assists engineers in deciding in advance
  21. The most suitable incentive plan for the maintenance section of an industry will be
  22. Military type of organisation is known as
  23. PERT and CPM are
  24. The most popular type of organisation used for Civil Engineering Constructions is
  25. Work study is concerned with
  26. Which of the following are the guidelines for the construction of a network diagram?
  27. Which of the following equations is not in conformity with others?
  28. Standing orders which are statutory are applicable to
  29. The basic difference between PERT and CPM is that
  30. Which of the following wage incentive plan is applied to all workers?