Geometric primitives include shapes such as ________.

A. Boxes

B. Cylinders

C. Wedges

D. All of the above

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  1. Some common blocks used by architectural drafters include ________.
  2. In architectural drawing ________ are often used to illustrate and detail structural components.
  3. The architectural drafter usually begins a set of working drawings by creating the ________ plan first.
  4. A ________ is the person responsible for verifying that the drawings in a project set are free of mistakes.
  5. The edges of a cube in isometric projection make angles of this many degrees with each other:
  6. The section view drawing in which one fourth of an object has been marked for removal is known as a…
  7. Center lines are used to locate or represent the centers of ________.
  8. Dimensions are used on the elevation plan to describe ________.
  9. This is a line terminated by arrowheads, indicating the direction and extent of a dimension:
  10. In developing a multi-view drawing, the drafter can use a ________ line to help locate the top and right…
  11. These types of pipes are generally connected with bell and spigot joints or flanged joints:
  12. This is the smallest diameter of a screw thread:
  13. When positioning this feature of perspective projection, the centerline of the cone of visual rays should…
  14. Students can complete an associate's degree in drafting which normally takes about ________ years to…
  15. The typical parts list should include the ________.
  16. Placement of dimensions on a drawing is controlled by ________.
  17. The first step in creating a traditional technical drawing is to ________.
  18. When creating a Cutting Plane line with Auto-CAD it is customary to use a ________ to create the line.
  19. Elevation drawings will include information about ________.
  20. The ________ is a standard element of a section view in a technical drawing.
  21. This type of surface is tipped to all principal planes of projection and does not appear true size in…
  22. When designing a home for a client, one of the most important predesign considerations that an architect…
  23. The architectural and construction industries use the United States National CAD standard (NCS) system…
  24. When lettering a CAD drawing, for clarity you should limit the number of fonts to:
  25. Two-point perspective is also known as:
  26. Once a drawing is determined to be complete, the title block is used to document the change from:
  27. The standard number of threads per inch for various diameters is the:
  28. This is how axonometric, oblique, and perspective sketches show objects:
  29. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
  30. Circular shapes appear in this fashion when viewed at an angle other than 90 degrees: