Geotropism is reaction of plants to the stimulus of

A. earth

B. light

C. sound

D. gravity

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  1. The normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale is
  2. Baldness is seen only in the males because
  3. Veins carry blood
  4. One of the following is often called the master gland. Which one is it?
  5. Kwashiorkar is a deficiency disease
  6. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  7. Blood clot Inside blood vessels is prevented by
  8. Lymphocytes are manufactured by
  9. Gases of Jupiter' are
  10. Which among the following is the best source of proteins?
  11. India's first transgenic crop was
  12. Which one of the following genetical disease is sex-linked?
  13. Which one of the following is viral disease?
  14. The biologist who believed in the spontaneous creation of microorganisms was
  15. The influenza vaccine was discovered by
  16. The white blood corpuscles the body because they are popularly called soldiers of
  17. Which one of the following acts as a communication system?
  18. Vessels proceeding to the heart are
  19. The blood without corpuscles is called
  20. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  21. The disease in which blood clotting does not take place is known as
  22. Which among the following may carry rabies?
  23. Who was the first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665?
  24. It Is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of release of
  25. Fat present below the skin surface in our body acts as a barrier against
  26. The liver destroys old
  27. Bordetella pertussis causes
  28. Which of the following diseases is considered as completely eradicated from India, as no case of the…
  29. Maintenance of pregnancy is under the control of
  30. What are top carnivores?