Given figures (A, B and C) shows the position of floral parts on thalamus. (given as I, II and III) Select the correct combination.

  1. Hypogynous flower

  2. Perigynous flower

  3. Epigynous flower





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  1. Identify the correct families of the given plant species (A, B and C) 
  2. Root hairs develop from
  3. Fibrous root system is better adopted than tap root system for
  4. Roots develop from parts of the plant other than radicle are called
  5. The region of the root-tip which is involved in the formation of root hairs by epidermal cells is called…
  6. Which of the following is a modified stem for the protection of plants from browsing animals?
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  8. Floral features are chiefly used in angiosperms identification because
  9. Statement-1 : Ginger has a prostrate-growing rhizome.Statement-2 : Shoot growth is not effected by gravity.
  10. A sterile stamen is known as
  11. Seeds are regarded as products of sexual reproduction because they
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  13. In flower (X), the gynoecium occupies the highest position while the other parts are situated below…
  14. Cotyledons and testa respectively are edible parts in which of the following group?
  15. Which of the following statements is correct?
  16. Identify the different types of aestivation (A, B, C and D) in corolla and select the correct option. 
  17. The X is small and situated in a groove at one end of the endosperm. It consists of one large and shield…
  18. Which of the following part elongates directly and leads to the formation of primary roots?
  19. When a flower has both androecium and gynoecium, it is known as__________.
  20. Which of the following is correct with reference to floral character of family solanaceae?
  21. Prop roots of banyan tree are meant for
  22. The region of the stem where leaves are born are called ____________ while ____________ are the portions…
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  26. During the post-fertilization period, the ovules develops into ___A____ and the ovary matures into a…
  27. Which part of plant is generally green when young and later often become woody and dark brown?
  28. It is a proteinous layer and the outer covering of endosperm which separates the embryo. Identify the…
  29. The region of the root-tip whose cells undergo rapid elongation and enlargement and are responsible…
  30. Most prominent function of inflorescence is