Glauber's salt is chemically represented by

A. Na2SO4.10H2O

B. CaCl(OCl)

C. CaSO4.H2O

D. (NH4)2SO4

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  1. Which of the following fuel gases contains maximum amount of carbon monoxide?
  2. Reaction of calcium carbide with water produces a gas, which is used
  3. Which of the following is not an antibiotic?
  4. Most easily and cheaply available fibrous raw material for paper manufacture available in India is bamboo.…
  5. Na2CO3 is called
  6. Finely ground calcium aluminate & silicate is a/an
  7. Commercially ethylene is produced from naphtha by
  8. Commonly used glass is known as the __________ glass.
  9. Which of the following is a detergent?
  10. Teflon is
  11. The major constituent of black liquor generated during paper manufacture is sodium
  12. Trinitrotoluene (TNT), an explosive, is made by the nitration of
  13. Insulin is an __________ drug.
  14. Dense soda ash used in the manufacture of glass, is chemically represented by
  15. Which of the following is an additional step in the manufacture of paper from bagasse as compared to…
  16. Lime and soda ash are added to water to remove
  17. Sulphur removal by heating of pyrite ore in presence of air is called its
  18. Nylon-6 as compared to Nylon-66 is having higher
  19. Viscose rayon
  20. A good quality coal should have
  21. Presence of H2S in raw water (to be chlorinated) results in the
  22. The end bleaching agent used to move last traces of colour bodies from the pulp is
  23. Penicillin, an antibiotic drug was discovered by
  24. Which of the following sugars is the sweetest?
  25. Salt cake is chemically represented by
  26. The terminology 'BTX' used in coal tar distillation industry refers to
  27. Nitro-glycerine absorbed in wood flour, sodium nitrate or ammonium nitrate is commercially used as controlled…
  28. Which of the following is used as a coagulant in water treatment?
  29. Extraction of __________ employs an electrolytic process.
  30. Which one of the following is not likely to be a constituent of vegetable oils?