Glazing in grinding wheels __________ cutting capacity.

A. Has no effect on

B. Increase

C. Decrease

D. None of these

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  1. The specific cutting energy used for establishing the machinability of the metal depends upon its
  2. The width of cutting edge of a parting off tool varies from
  3. The grade of grinding wheel depends upon
  4. In a gating system, the ratio 1: 2: 4 represents
  5. The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by
  6. The taper on the lathe spindle is
  7. The height of each tooth of a broach is
  8. Soft materials can not be economically ground due to
  9. In order to have interference fit, it is essential that the lower limit of the shaft should be
  10. In centreless grinding, work place centre will be
  11. Hot rolling of mild steel is carried out
  12. The guideways are of
  13. Climb milling is chosen while machining because
  14. Lathe bed is made of
  15. Crater wear leads to
  16. The stroke of a shaping machine is 250 mm. It makes 30 double strokes per minute. The overall average…
  17. An operation of embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece, is known as
  18. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  19. In ultrasonic machining, the metal is removed by
  20. The saw milling is an operation of
  21. The chamfering is an essential operation after
  22. Trepanning is an operation of
  23. The grinding operation is a
  24. The ratio between two consecutive spindle speeds for a six-speed drilling machine using drills of diameter…
  25. A dense structure of a grinding wheel is used for
  26. The type of tool used on milling machine and broaching machine is
  27. Which type of motor is not used in axis or spindle drives of CNC machine tools?
  28. The process of improving the cutting action of the grinding wheel is called
  29. The tail stock set over method of taper turning is preferred for
  30. Match the items of List-I (Equipment) with the items of List-II (Process) and select the correct answer…