Grana are

A. protein storing plastids.

B. coloured plastids.

C. stacks of thylakoids.

D. individual thylakoids present in stroma.

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  1. Select the incorrect statement about prokaryotic ribosomes.
  2. You are asked to examine a cell using a powerful light microscope. The image you see has a clearly defined…
  3. pH of vacuolar cell sap is
  4. Which of the following statements is/are correct ?The endomembrane system includes plasma membrane,…
  5. Which one of the following organelle given below is correctly matched with its function ?
  6. Match column-I (scientists) with column-II (discovery) and select the correct option.Column-IColumn-IIA.…
  7. Axoneme with 9 + 2 microtubular arrangement occurs in
  8. An organalle devoid of membrane covering is
  9. Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-IIA. TonoplastI. Contain…
  10. Both the membranes of mitochondrion are
  11. The best material for study of structure of cell membrane is
  12. Match column-I with column-II and select the correct option.Column - IColumn - IIA. RERI. Intracellular…
  13. The best way to identify a cell as either prokaryotic or eukaryotic is to determine whether
  14. The membrane of the erythrocytes has approximately ___% of proteins and ___% lipids.
  15. Which one of the following is not considered as part of the endomembrane system?
  16. What would happen if lysosomes get ruptured in a cell?
  17. Which of the following pair are correctly matched ?(I) Amyloplasts Store proteins(II) Mitochondrion…
  18. The given diagram shows the types of chromosomes (labelled as A, B, C & D) based on the position of…
  19. Centrioles and centrosomes occur in the cells of
  20. Read the folowing statements and identify the correct option.Contractile vacuole takes part in osmoregulation…
  21. Read the statements given below with regard to the functions performed by Golgi apparatus ?Transport…
  22. Golgi apparatus is concerned with
  23. Match column-I with column-II and select the correct option.Column - IColumn - IIA. Golgi apparatusI.…
  24. Which of the following pair lack the unit membrane?
  25. Which function is carried out by the cell organelle 'X'?
  26. Which of the following statement is correct regarding vacuole?
  27. The following diagram shows some of the missing structures in a plant cell marked as A, B, C, D E. Choose…
  28. Active transport across biomembrane involves
  29. Which of the following terms is not correctly matched with its feature?
  30. Active transport differs from passive transport in that active transport