Gusset stays in a boiler are provided to

A. Prevent the bulging of flat surfaces

B. Avoid explosion in furnace

C. Prevent leakage of hot flue gases

D. Support furnace freely from top

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  1. The function of a safety valve is
  2. A nozzle is said to be a convergent nozzle
  3. The theoretical indicator diagram of a simple steam engine is based upon the assumption that
  4. At which pressure the properties of water and steam become identical
  5. Curtis turbine is a
  6. Which of the following statement is correct for a compound steam engine?
  7. The rate of discharge through the nozzle __________ when the exit pressure is gradually reduced.
  8. Calorific value of coal is of the order of
  9. Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal?
  10. The Parsons' reaction turbine has
  11. The average operating pressure of Benson boiler is
  12. An economiser _________ the steam raising capacity of a boiler.
  13. The diameter of internal flue tubes in a Lancashire boiler compared to its shell is
  14. Willians line follows the law (where b = A constant representing the shape of the Willians line, a =…
  15. The ratio of the energy required to produce the artificial draught (expressed in metres head or J/kg…
  16. On Millier chart, the constant pressure lines
  17. Fire tube boilers are
  18. The friction in the nozzle __________ exit velocity of steam.
  19. A boiler in India should conform to safety regulations of
  20. Steam turbines may be classified according to
  21. Water boils when its vapour pressure
  22. The discharge is __________ at critical pressure.
  23. On Mollier chart, flow through turbine is represented by
  24. Over fire burning is the phenomenon of
  25. The ratio of the isentropic heat drop to the heat supplied, is called
  26. Superheating of steam is done at
  27. The function of injector used in small steam plants is to
  28. The power of a boiler may be defined as
  29. In accelerated circulation type boiler
  30. In a uniflow engine