Haemophilic man marries a normal woman. Their off springs will be

A. All haemophilic

B. All boys haemophilic

C. All girls haemophilic

D. All normal

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  1. Acrosome of sperm contains ...
  2. Part of sperm that passes into ovum is
  3. Gestation period of 280 days is calculated from time of ...
  4. The three primary germ layers, ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm are differentiated during
  5. Level of estrogen and progesterone are minimum at the time of
  6. Human embryo is referred to as fetus from beginning of
  7. Cu ions released from copper-releasing intra uterine devices (iuds)
  8. The male hormone testosterone is secreted by
  9. Membrane that gives protection to embryo from external shocks is
  10. Highly sophisticated procedure of injecting sperm directly into the ovum is
  11. Hormones that control the growth and maturation of graffian follicle is
  12. Combined Oral contraceptives prevent pregnancy by
  13. Which part of the ovary act as an endocrine gland in human beings
  14. In ectopic pregnancy, foetus grows in ...
  15. Human female reaches menopause at the age of about ...
  16. Menstrual phase is followed by .
  17. Part of fallopian tube closest to ovary is
  18. Total numbers of ovum released in the life time of a woman is approximately
  19. Tunica albuginea is related to
  20. Human placenta is
  21. In a 28 day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on ...
  22. Sertoli cells are found in
  23. Villi of human placenta develop from ..
  24. HCG, HPL and relaxin are produced in women ...
  25. Emergency contraceptives may prevent pregnancy if used within 72 hrs of
  26. Layers of ovum from outside to inside are .
  27. Pregnancy can be detected as early as on
  28. Most of major organs of human embryo are formed by the
  29. Fimbriae of fallopian tube ...
  30. Forensic investigation of rape case focuses on the presence of fructose in female reproductive system,…