Select the most appropriate set of words from the given choices to fill in the blanks.

He ___________ a wrong act because it was ___________ for him to do so due to circumstantial forces.

A. compelled, necessary

B. refused, dangerous

C. did, avoidable

D. committed, inevitable

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  1. Many teachers ___________ the lack of ___________ for leaving the job.
  2. ___________, the more they remain the same.
  3. After a recent mild paralytic attack his movements are_____ restricted otherwise he is still very active.
  4. The organisation ___________ to popularise Indian classical music among the youth which has lost ___________…
  5. Throw a stone ______ the fierce dog.
  6. The master dispensed_______the services of his servant.
  7. Shanku was born_____ a silver spoon in his mouth and was very proud of his wealth.
  8. Take this medicine regularly and you will get rid __________ this disease.
  9. After a short holiday Rajni came back totally_______.
  10. ___ about prolonged power cuts in urban areas, the authorities have decided to ___ over to more reliable…
  11. It is not fair to cast___on honest and innocent persons.
  12. One dark night a Darvesh ___________ passing by a dry well.
  13. This is a_____ translation of the speech.
  14. A garden knife is ______used for right pruning.
  15. He will dispense ______ your services.
  16. A public, servant who is guilty will not ___________ punishment and no ___________ person will be punished.
  17. There is much difficulty _____ getting _____ this place and it is not possible to reach _____ without…
  18. The teacher _________ the concept by _________ practical examples.
  19. The manager told us _________ Ramesh was very anxious _________ the meeting.
  20. It will take some time for many South Koreans to ___________ the conflicting images of North Korea,…
  21. By the middle of the 19th Century, the urban population of England _________ the rural population.
  22. _________ of illiteracy from a nation that is set to become the most populated in the world is by no…
  23. Precautions are to be taken with any one who seems ______.
  24. Few countries can____India in variety, colour and richness of dance-forms.
  25. Today we have achieved a milestone by completing 60 years of independence. Its now the time for everyone…
  26. Is not learning superior ____ wealth ?
  27. I am always the first to admit that I have not accomplished everything that I ___________ achieve five…
  28. An organization .......... to the mission of road safety has prepared an action plan for reducing accidents…
  29. Cellular phone service has______ in a new phase of communication.
  30. More is ___________ of conditions of the tribals in Maharashtra than ___________ conditions of those…