Heat flow across a hollow sphere of inner radius 'r1' and outer radius 'r2' is directly proportional to

A. (r2 - r1)/r1. r2

B. r1. r2/(r2 - r1)

C. (r2 + r1)/r1. r2

D. r1. r2/(r2 + r1)

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  1. Use of flux during soldering is done to
  2. Chromium molybdenum steel cannot be welded using __________ welding.
  3. Notched bar test is used for testing the __________ of a material.
  4. Dew point temperature always gives an indication of the __________ of the moist air.
  5. The substance used as a smoke screen in warfare is
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  30. The passage between the nozzle and the __________ is called 'sprue' in case of injection moulding.