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  1. In the equation PVn = constant, if the value of n = y = Cp/Cv, then it represents a reversible __________…
  2. Which of the following equations is used for the prediction of activity co-efficient from experiments?
  3. Boyle's law for gases states that
  4. Gibbs free energy at constant pressure and temperature under equilibrium conditions is
  5. For multi-component multiple phases to be in equilibrium at the same pressure and temperature, the __________…
  6. Grams of butane (C4H10) formed by the liquefaction of 448 litres of the gas (measured at (STP) would…
  7. Compressibility factor for almost all the gases are approximately same at the same
  8. The main feature of Carnot refrigeration cycle is that, it
  9. PVγ = Constant (where, γ = Cp/Cv) is valid for a/an __________ process.
  10. The quantitative effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium is given by the
  11. Which of the following exemplifies an adiabatic process?
  12. Kopp's rule is used to calculate the heat capacity of
  13. Number of phases in a colloidal system is:
  14. Entropy of the system decreases, when
  15. The enthalpy change when ammonia gas is dissolved in water is called the heat of
  16. 4 kg moles of an ideal gas expands in vacuum spontaneously. The work done is
  17. Work done is a
  18. The Maxwell relation derived from the differential expression for the Helmholtz free energy (dA) is
  19. Equilibrium constant decreases as the temperature
  20. Which of the following liquid metals has the highest thermal conductivity?
  21. Which of the following is affected by the temperature?
  22. Internal energy of an element at 1 atm and 25° C is __________ kcal/kg.mole.
  23. The internal energy of an incompressible fluid depends upon its
  24. The unity of Planck's constant 'h' in the equation, E = hv is
  25. Internal energy change of a system over one complete cycle in a cyclic process is
  26. Clapeyron Equation deals with the
  27. For an ideal liquid solution, which of the following is unity?
  28. A liquid under pressure greater than its vapour pressure for the temperature involved is called a __________…
  29. Pick out the wrong statement.
  30. When dilute aqueous solutions of two salts are mixed, the process is associated with