Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

Her uncle died in a car accident. He was quite rich. She suddenly _________ all her uncles money.

A. succeeded

B. caught

C. gave

D. inherited

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  1. The deceased left _______ children.
  2. This approach would ________ the enormous illiteracy problem to be ________ in a holistic manner.
  3. Although there is ______________ gunfire, there is no stiff resistance to the revolutionary army.
  4. The students _________ not reach on time _________ of the transport strike.
  5. I. The report ended on a .......... note.II. They must take .......... steps to deal with the problem.
  6. Mohans career has taken some __________ twists and turns.
  7. Let us quickly __________.
  8. The Himalayas ran from east to west and cut off the cold winds from the north. This allowed agriculture…
  9. The Defence Minister said today that the Government was determined to____the accord and tulfil the legitimate…
  10. I. In todays world parents usually .......... that their children do not talk to them as they are more…
  11. Throw a stone ______ the fierce dog.
  12. A great literary or artistic work is known as______.
  13. I could hardly recognize him ________ I saw him.
  14. There are different and ________ versions about what happened in the city, but one thing is certain.…
  15. These issues are extremely ________ and any knee jerk reaction will ultimately result in a loss of ________…
  16. Gokhales patriotic speeches____ people to dedicate their lives to the nation.
  17. The manager told us _________ Ramesh was very anxious _________ the meeting.
  18. He is a popular teacher. He seems to be ______ for that profession.
  19. His attitude to his boss was so_____ that it caused a good deal of repulsion.
  20. The petitioner had ______ an immediate stay form the court on allotment of the Hats ________ of investigation…
  21. The high cutoff marks this year have ___ college admission-seekers to either ___ for lesser known colleges…
  22. Laxmi lost an important file and rather than confessing her___ she blamed Sandra for losing it.
  23. The master dispensed_______the services of his servant.
  24. The President today______ the committee with the induction of the five new general secretaries in place…
  25. The human mind seems to have built-in ________against original thought.
  26. I had not expected to meet him; it was quite an ______ meeting.
  27. The _______ of criminalisation of politics needs to be _________ far more seriously.
  28. The new government took __________ last year.
  29. Though fond of many acquaintances, I desire_____ only with a few.
  30. Most political leaders acquire their position by causing a large number of people to believe that these…