Herbivores are

A. primary consumers

B. secondary consumers

C. tertiary consumers

D. decomposers

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  1. What is 'atavism'?
  2. Compared to the veins, the walls of arteries are
  3. For which of the following is insulin treatment given?
  4. Oparin is known for his hypothesis on
  5. The potato is a modified stem, is explained by the presence of
  6. Geotropism is reaction of plants to the stimulus of
  7. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  8. The white blood corpuscles the body because they are popularly called soldiers of
  9. Calcium and phosphorus assimilation will depend on sufficient intake of
  10. The muscles of the heart are
  11. Which among the following animals has the largest Intestine?
  12. Antibodies are formed in
  13. One of the following disease cannot be prevented by the DPT (triple-antigen) immunization of children.
  14. Herbivores are
  15. Which of the following diseases is caused by the deficiency of iron in human body?
  16. Lactose and Rennin, the enzymes required to digest milk, disappear in the human body by the age of _______…
  17. Vestigeal organs are those which are
  18. Biological control is to check growth of
  19. The disease Goitre is caused in persons who do not have in their diet sufficient
  20. An organism eating its own species is called
  21. Bordetella pertussis causes
  22. Heart is made up of
  23. Scurvy is prevented by vitamin
  24. Modern classification of the living world recognise ___________ kingdoms.
  25. Small pox is caused by
  26. Hormone promoting maleness in flowering plants is
  27. One of the following is called a feminine hormone. Which one is it?
  28. Spontaneous generation signifying the development of living organisms from non-living has been termed
  29. The hormone secreted when one is frightened or excited
  30. Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant role in protein synthesis?