How do we create a FileSystemObject?

A. Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

B. Create("FileSystemObject")

C. Create Object:"Scripting.FileSystemObject"

D. Server.CreateObject("FileSystemObject")

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  1. This property is inapplicable in DropDownList
  2. Menus can be added to an ASP.NET Page
  3. Which of the following object is not an ASP component?
  4. One difference between ASP.NET and ASP is that ASP is more structure than ASP.NET
  5. By default a WebForm inherits from
  6. In Global.asax there are _______ general methods
  7. ____________ converts virtual path to default path
  8. In ___________ records are read-only and cannot be changed.
  9. Attribute must be set on a validator control for the validation to work.
  10. What namespace contains the classes for file and directory access?
  11. Which DLL translate XML to SQL in IIS?
  12. To open Microsoft Word from ASP.NET page use
  13. Default Session data is stored in ASP.Net.
  14. Of the following controls which can be used to add a control at runtime
  15. To redirect an user to a particular page when a user logs in use
  16. CDONTS is designed on for Windows NT Server
  17. To display HTML tags as it is use
  18. To write an attribute for a tag through ASP.NET use
  19. A DataSet can be generated from
  20. Default event handler for Link Label is
  21. To save an XML file from ASP.NET use
  22. ASP.NET can be installed on Windows 98 machine
  23. While redirecting, values can be passed with it
  24. To count how many users have logged in the web site till date use
  25. To pass queries to Crystal Reports use
  26. __________.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") creates a new connection.
  27. What are unique properties of RangeValidator control?
  28. Default scripting language in ASP.
  29. The first event triggers in an aspx page is.
  30. ______________ creates a read-only recordset that can scroll forward only.