Directions: Answer the questions on the basis of following information. The line graph given below shows the revenue (in million $) generated by five restaurants in its Take away and Dine In facility. The table below gives the break-up of the revenue generated through Take away and Dine In facility of five restaurants in Indian and Chinese foods.
Ratio of Revenue generated by these five restaurants in Indian and Chinese food is as given below
Performance of a restaurant A is better than restaurant B either in Take away or in Dine In only if sales of restaurant A is better than that of restaurant B in both Indian as well as Chinese food.

What is the correct answer?


How many of the restaurant definitely performed better than Dhaba in both Take away and Dine In?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

Correct Answer :

A. 0

From the table no restaurant performed better than Dhaba in Take Away as in Take away revenue of Indian food market Dhaba is the highest.

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