Human embryo is enclosed by a sac called

A. Scrotum

B. Ericardium

C. Placenta

D. Amniotic sac

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  1. The pre fertilisation process stage of sperm before entry into the ovum is called as
  2. When is the best time to get FSH levels checked?
  3. Identical twins are also known as ..
  4. The most important region of the decidua for the nourishment of the conceptus is the deciduas
  5. Acrosome occurs in the sperm in
  6. The hormone responsible for enlargement of mammary glands at puberty is
  7. Haemophilic man marries a normal woman. Their off springs will be
  8. Highly sophisticated procedure of injecting sperm directly into the ovum is
  9. Which part of the foetus is developed from mesoderm?
  10. Medical termination of pregnancy is safe till how many weeks of pregnancy?
  11. In humans female ovulation occurs during menstrual cycle
  12. Combined Oral contraceptives prevent pregnancy by
  13. The number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell is called as
  14. Name the pituitary hormone that regulates sertoli cells
  15. The male hormone testosterone is secreted by
  16. Sertoli cells are found in
  17. Increase in basal body temperature in the middle of menstrual cycle is a sign of
  18. Menstrual phase is followed by .
  19. The rate of active movement of sperm is ...
  20. The first milk which comes out just after child birth is known as .
  21. The middle piece of the sperm contains
  22. In a 28 day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on ...
  23. Epididymis is ...
  24. In uterus, endometrium proliferates in response to ...
  25. Human placenta is
  26. Which layer of embryo is formed first
  27. Cryptorchidism is ...
  28. In infertility treatment the ovum is fertilized outside the body and injected into the uterus
  29. Corpus luteum secretes
  30. Secretion of testosterone is stimulated by