Human embryo is referred to as fetus from beginning of

A. 1st month of pregnancy

B. 2nd month of pregnancy

C. 3rd month of pregnancy

D. 4th month of pregnancy

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  1. The first milk which comes out just after child birth is known as .
  2. Pregnancy is ascertained by
  3. Secretion of testosterone is stimulated by
  4. Sertoli cells are found in
  5. Approximately how long does it take for a spermatocyte to complete its differentiation into a spermatozoan…
  6. The three primary germ layers, ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm are differentiated during
  7. Pregnancy begins with implantation of
  8. Human eggs are
  9. Which of the following statements is most correct about the human menstrual cycle.
  10. Most of major organs of human embryo are formed by the
  11. The surgical method of contraception in males
  12. The number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell is called as
  13. The part of the sperm containing proteolytic enzymes to digest the zona pellucida is the:
  14. Which part of the foetus is developed from mesoderm?
  15. Pregnancy test is confirmed by the presence of
  16. The pre fertilisation process stage of sperm before entry into the ovum is called as
  17. Emergency contraceptives may prevent pregnancy if used within 72 hrs of
  18. In which phase of menstrual cycle ovulation occurs in
  19. Erythroblastosis foetalis is caused by fertilization between the gametes of
  20. The rate of active movement of sperm is ...
  21. Haemophilic man marries a normal woman. Their off springs will be
  22. Villi of human placenta develop from ..
  23. Amniotic fluid protects the foetus from ...
  24. Temperature in scrotum necessary for sperm formation is usually ...
  25. Acrosome of sperm contains ...
  26. Fertility in women may be impaired by
  27. The functional unit of testis of man is ...
  28. At the end of meiosis I, the Oocyte yields
  29. Cell division that occurs in zygote is called
  30. In infertility treatment the ovum is fertilized outside the body and injected into the uterus