Human Rights Day is observed all over the world every year on

A. 24 October

B. 7 November

C. 10 December

D. 25 December

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  1. Which of the following is a member of the SAARC
  2. The Government of the Union of India is parliamentary in character. One of the characteristics of a…
  3. The total number of fundamental duties mentioned is the constitution of India now is
  4. The provisions related to official language of India can be amended by
  5. Chief Justice of High Court is appointed by
  6. The parliamentary set up in the Indian constitution has been adopted from
  7. Which of the following Indian states has no Panchayati Raj Institution ?
  8. A citizen of India is arrested and detained without trial. Which of the following writs should he invoke…
  9. Setting up of which one of the following is not stated in the constitution of India ?
  10. In the general elections to the 13th Lok Sabha, the Congress Party secured
  11. Given below are two statements Assertion (A) : Powers for conducting elections to the Parliament and…
  12. Where is the permanent head quarter of International Court of Justice
  13. The Parliament or a state legislature can declare a seat vacant if a member absents himself without…
  14. Consider the following statements : 1. A money bill cannot be introduced in the Council of States. 2.…
  15. Monthly salary of President of India is
  16. Consider the following statements 1. In the Lok Sabha, 12 members are nominated by the President of…
  17. Who among the following gave the following statements about the Indian constitution ? Indian constitution…
  18. Who has been the only Lok Sabha Speaker to have become the President of India ?
  19. Nyaya Panchayats in Panchayati Raj system have no powers of awarding imprisonment except in the state…
  20. Indian constitution contains
  21. Which one of the following is the correct chronological order of the formation of the following as full…
  22. Idea of concurrent list in Indian constitution was borrowed from
  23. Consider the following statements 1. In the Parliamentary system of India. If the President of India…
  24. 2 and 4Prior Sanction of the President of India is required before introducing the bill, in the Parliament…
  25. Who was the speaker of the first Lok-Sabha ?
  26. When did the Akali Movement start ?
  27. Who presides over the meetings of the Lok Sabha?
  28. Under which article of the Constitution of India can the President of India be impeached ?
  29. Parliamentary system in India has been borrowed from which country ?
  30. The union ministers hold office during the pleasure of