Hydrophilic group of a soap or detergent solution is

A. Water hating

B. Soil loving

C. Water loving

D. None of these

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  1. A cane sugar factory having sugar production rate of 10 tons/day will produce about __________ tons/day…
  2. Calcareous & argillaceous materials are used in the manufacture of
  3. Dacron (or Terylene) fibres as compared to nylon fibres have
  4. Which oil is preferred for paint manufacture?
  5. Purity of oxygen used for blowing in steel making L.D. converter is 99.5%. The boiling point of oxygen…
  6. The most reactive allotropic form of phosphorus is __________ phosphorus.
  7. Pick out the wrong statement.
  8. __________ is a polysaccharide.
  9. Sulphuric acid saturated with SO3 is called
  10. Resistance to fusion of the refractory under a steady rising temperature condition is called
  11. P.T.F.E. (Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) is commercially known as
  12. Most easily and cheaply available fibrous raw material for paper manufacture available in India is bamboo.…
  13. Grignard reagent is chemically known as
  14. Which of the following is not a pyrite ore?
  15. Highly porous refractory bricks are
  16. The metallic aluminium is obtained from pure alumina in the presence of fused cryolite by
  17. __________ is used as a catalyst in fat splitting.
  18. Heating of __________ to 120°C, produces plaster of paris.
  19. Carborundum consists mainly of
  20. The purpose of adding Na2CO3 to water of low alkalinity is to
  21. Analgesic drugs are
  22. Salt cake is chemically represented by
  23. Gypsum is chemically
  24. Tall oil obtained as a by-product from the black liquor recovery is
  25. Sucrose content in the raw juice extracted from sugar cane is about __________ percent.
  26. Fish contains about __________ percent oil.
  27. Which of the following is not required in the manufacture of soda ash by Solvay process?
  28. Type of glass used in optical work is the __________ glass.
  29. Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a measure of its
  30. Hard water