Choose the right kind of clauses from the following.

I do not know if he will come.

A. Adverb clause

B. Adjunct clause (relative clause)

C. Noun clause

D. Relative clause

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  1. The shoes he saw in the catalogue are available down the street .
  2. I dont want to invite Kamal to the party ___________ he always talks about nonsense things.
  3. The term track and field refers to athletic events ____ include foot races and jumping and throwing…
  4. Come in, sit down, and tell me why you were late.
  5. Murat decided to give up smoking _________he had had a heart attack two times.
  6. We like the music that you brought.
  7. You must wear your helmet while riding a motorbike, __________ you may hurt seriously in case of an…
  8. Some people buy expensive cars simply because they can.
  9. Do you know which is house is.
  10. I shall not tell you where he lives.
  11. Meera looks at her husband _________ she hasnt seen him before.
  12. While it was raining, nobody went out.
  13. Arnold hoped to find an answer to the funding shortfall.
  14. Bill stopping the project was a big disappointment.
  15. We come here thatwe may study.
  16. Melanie hoped to find a cure for the disease, but she tried to be realistic.
  17. That is the place where American's and Japanese's armies fought.
  18. The books which the professor assigned were very expensive.
  19. Where did you leave the keys?
  20. I do not know whether he will come tomorrow.
  21. He is so weak that he cannot run.
  22. I know that he will come.
  23. ____________ my father woke up, he realised that he had forgotten to turn off the lights.
  24. Which one is the person who stole your car?
  25. They left early.
  26. You should brush your teeth.
  27. They told us why they are doing that.
  28. Get ready now.
  29. __________ Jinni did the ironing, _____________ she had also prepared the breakfast.
  30. The reporter crouched behind that tree got the best picture of the arrest.