Combine the following pairs of sentences with suitable conjunctions.

I told you not to do it. You have done it again.

A. You have done it again when I told you not to do it.

B. I told you not to do it but you have done it again.

C. I told you not to do it, you have done it again.

D. Despite I told you not to do it you have done it again.

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You can do it
  1. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  2. I know the man. He is a doctor.
  3. His father retired last year. He has been idle from that time.
  4. The servant mopped the room; she found a wallet lying in the corner.
  5. He went to the market. He saw the latest gadget. He could not, however purchase it.
  6. He has walked five miles. It is possible that he is tired.
  7. The prisoner fell down on his knees. He begged for mercy.
  8. He is snobbish. I like him.
  9. She was really upset with him. She said nothing.
  10. Get inside. You may catch cold.
  11. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  12. There was little hope of success. She tried hard.
  13. Separate: I love Sanchit very much. He is my brother.Combined: I love my brother Sanchit very much.
  14. Ashoka was a great conqueror. But he failed to unite the various conquered territories into a well-knit…
  15. The monster was proud of his power. He was defeated by Hercules.
  16. Separate: She wanted to educate her son. She sent him to London. Combined: She sent her son to London…
  17. She had many shortcomings. But she was a nice woman.
  18. I dont know any of the men. They live here.
  19. You will find it. You look for it.
  20. My mother attended the wedding. My father attended the wedding.
  21. It was midnight. The trains collided then.
  22. It was not known. What is she doing in Indore.
  23. She was honest. This was his statement. It was right.
  24. She kept on asking. When will her mother return?
  25. The US Trade Centre caught fire. The building was brunt to ashes.
  26. I dont believe. She said something.
  27. Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet. He was a good painter.
  28. Everybody was pleased to know. She was absent.
  29. Azim works hard Kabir works harder.
  30. Separate: She has failed many times. She still hopes to get success at last.Combined: In spite of many…