'Ice point' is designated on Fahrenheit temperature scale by


B. 32°

C. 62°

D. 212°

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  1. The normal stress is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid, only when the fluid
  2. Eutectoid composition of carbon steel at room temperature is
  3. Density in the solid state is slightly less than that in its liquid state, in case of
  4. For an ideal gas, Cp - Cv is
  5. Diffusion co-efficient of a metal in a solid solution depends upon its
  6. Use of water as a manometric liquid suffers from the disadvantage of its
  7. What is the critical radius of insulation (cms) for a metallic cylinder, if the convective heat transfer…
  8. Hydrogen in liquid steels is dissolved
  9. Pick out the wrong statement about nucleate boiling.
  10. The activity co-efficient of the solute in a dilute solution
  11. In Newton's law of viscosity, which states that the shear stress is proportional to the __________ Co-efficient…
  12. Boiling point of water gets lowered at high altitudes (e.g., hills), because
  13. Which of the following materials does not form adherent oxide film on surface?
  14. The effect of friction on the flow of steam through a nozzle is to decrease the __________ of steam.
  15. Thermit welding uses the following energy source.
  16. The joint for soldering is supported by binding wire made of
  17. Which of the following forces does not act on a fluid at rest?
  18. Aluminium is extracted from
  19. For infinite parallel planes having emissivities ε1 & ε2, the interchange factor for radiation…
  20. Spheroidising of a material is a/an __________ process.
  21. Temperature attained in soldering of metals is about __________ °C.
  22. In chemical dehumidification of air
  23. Which of the following alloying elements is present in maximum percentage in high speed steel?
  24. All of the following alloying elements of steel increases hardness but sacrifice ductility, except
  25. Heat flow across a hollow sphere of inner radius 'r1' and outer radius 'r2' is directly proportional…
  26. At absolute zero temperature, for any reaction involving condensed phases
  27. The boiling & freezing points on a newly defined temperature scale in degree 'D' are 400°D & 100°D…
  28. Two wires of the same radius & material having length in the ratio of 1 : 2 are stretched by the same…
  29. A particle is settling in a liquid under Stokesian conditions. The free falling velocity of the particle…
  30. Increasing sulphur content in pig iron tends to make it