What is the correct answer?


Identify types of vascular bundles in given figures A, B and C.

A. Radial; Conjoint closed; Conjoint open

B. Conjoint closed; Conjoint open; Radial

C. Conjoint open; Conjoint closed; Radial

D. Bicollateral; Concentric; Radial

Correct Answer :

A. Radial; Conjoint closed; Conjoint open

Vascular bundles (VBs) is a strand of conducting vessels in the stem or leaves of a plant, typically with phloem on the outside and xylem on the inside. In the given figures A, B and C the types of vascular bundles are respectively radial, conjoint closed and conjoint open. When xylem and phloem are arranged in the radius of the plant in alternative manner then it is called radial vascular bundle. Radial VBs are always closed and present in all types of roots. In conjoint vascular bundle, xylem and phloem are situated at the same radius of vascular bundles. Such VBs are common in stems and leaves.

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