If as a result of an increase in prices, total outlay (expenditures) on a commodity decreases, its price-elasticity of demand is:

A. Perfect elastic (infinitely elastic)

B. Relatively elastic (greater than one elasticity)

C. Unit elastic

D. Relatively inelastic (less than one elasticity)

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  1. The substitution effect works to encourage a consumer to purchase more of a product when the price of…
  2. Of the following, which one is a characteristic of monopolistic competition?
  3. The firm in cournot model:
  4. In the case of two factor inputs which are neither perfectly complementary nor perfect substitutes,…
  5. If, at the prevailing price, more of a good is desired than is available for sale:
  6. Production is a function of:
  7. According to Leontief technology, there:
  8. In second degree price discrimination, monopolist takes away :
  9. The demand for cigarettes is price inelastic implying a unit tax on this commodity will
  10. Under competitive conditions, the industry will be in equilibrium:
  11. In Prisoners Dilemma, both the prisoners are interrogated:
  12. The average fixed cost (AFC) curve is asymptote to:
  13. The economic problem of determining the combination of inputs yielding lowest cost for producing a given…
  14. Income -elasticity of demand will be zero when a given change in income brings about:
  15. Price is measured in:
  16. According to critics, the assumption of costless production is:
  17. Change in demand refers to:
  18. When there is decrease in demand the demand curve:
  19. Short run cost curves are influenced by:
  20. Demand of a commodity is elastic when:
  21. In monopolistic competition, the customers are attached with one product because of:
  22. Demand is consumers:
  23. In context of oligopoly, the kinky demand curve (kinked demand curve) hypothesis is designed to explain:
  24. Who is the author of Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries?
  25. In case of monopoly, the slope of MR is:
  26. Entry of new firms into a competitive market will shift the supply curve of the:
  27. Capital and Development Planning is the work of:
  28. Law of Returns to Scale shows:
  29. The main contribution of Adam Smith is in the field of:
  30. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two complements will be: