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Directions: At Praxis Business School Kolkata, four teams namely A, B, C and D participated in an in house Quiz which is conducted on 4 stages. Scores of these 4 stages are as given below. Further it is known that at any stage score of highest and lowest scorer is entered correctly and remaining two groups may be correct or may be interchanged. viz. at stage 1 score 75 is of D (Highest) and score 60 is of B (Lowest) and remaining two scores 65 and 70 may be entered correctly or it is shuffled means A may have got 65 or 70 and similarly C may have got 70 or 65. No two groups got same score at any stage.

If C has achieved the lowest possible score then-

A. A has 4 possible total score

B. D has 4 possible total score

C. B has 2 possible total score

D. D has 3 possible total score

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