If money income is given then consumer is in equilibrium when:

A. MU < P

B. MU >P

C. MU = P

D. MU = 0

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  1. If cross-elasticity of one commodity for another turns out to be zero, it means they are:
  2. In Prisoners Dilemma, both the prisoners are interrogated:
  3. Pure monopoly exists:
  4. In Bertrand model, the entry of new firms is:
  5. An income demand curve of an inferior good is:
  6. A maximin strategy:
  7. Who is the author of the famous work Asian Drama: An Enquiry intro the Causes of Poverty of Nations?
  8. Normally when price per unit of time falls:
  9. If, at the prevailing price, more of a good is desired than is available for sale:
  10. In the case of a normal goods, the income effect:
  11. Which of the following does not have a uniform elasticity of demand at all points?
  12. If the price of Pepsi Cola goes down, you would predict:
  13. LMC represents change in LTC (long-run total cost) due to producing an additional unit of a good while…
  14. A monopoly producer has:
  15. Plumbing and pipe-fitting require many of the same skills. If the wage paid to pipe-fitters increased…
  16. The difference between accounting profits and economic profits is:
  17. The market demand shedule is determined by:
  18. A firms profit is equal to:
  19. If a monopolist is producing under decreasing cost conditions, increase in demand is beneficial to the…
  20. The expansion point is attained by joining:
  21. Price effect occurs on the higher IC in case of:
  22. Market allocation fundamentally relies upon:
  23. The central problem of economics is:
  24. The proportional demand curve in monopolistic competition (also in kinked demand curve model), is like…
  25. Increasing returns is not caused by:
  26. Labor theory was firstly rejected by:
  27. The budget-line is also known as the:
  28. Total fixed costs are:
  29. If the demand curve remains unchanged and supply increases, the price will:
  30. The total utility (TU) curve is: