If the commodity is inferior then the increase in income of the consumer results in:

A. More purchase

B. Less purchase

C. Same purchase

D. None of the above

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  1. When sales tax is imposed on monopolist, its:
  2. If a consumer buys a product that costs Rs.3 and provides an additional 18 units of satisfaction, then…
  3. When with a change in price the total outlay (expenditures) on a commodity remains constant, it is a…
  4. In monopolistic competition, the firms face:
  5. Diseconomies of management lead to:
  6. The cournot model is a model of:
  7. Production indifference curve (isoquant) is a curve which shows:
  8. The budget constraint equation of the firm is:
  9. Nash equilibrium is applicable in case of:
  10. The cobweb model will convergent when the slope of:
  11. The Cambridge School of Thought refers to the group of English economists who came under the influence…
  12. In cournot model, each firm makes decision regarding:
  13. When AC curve falls, MC curve falls:
  14. A market-clearing price:
  15. If cross-elasticity of one commodity for another turns out to be zero, it means they are:
  16. The study of economics just in theoretical way is called:
  17. Under monopolistic competition, the firms compete alongwith:
  18. There is no difference between fixed and variable factors in the:
  19. With an increase in income, consumer is expected to buy more of:
  20. Change in demand refers to:
  21. In sweezy model (kinked demand curve model), the role of MC curve:
  22. Increasing returns imply:
  23. Change in quantity demanded (expansion and contraction of demand) is:
  24. An increase in the supply of a commodity is caused by:
  25. Price mechanism has also given the name:
  26. On all points of budget (price) line:
  27. With firms having cost differences under perfect competition, a firm, which earns normal profit in the…
  28. In Nash equilibrium, a player:
  29. The firm is at equilibrium where:
  30. If a firm produces zero output in the short period then which statement is true?