If the organization allocates 10 bits as subnet number, to identify a physical network, then the organization can have at the most……………. networks and each of these networks that can support only…………………...hosts.

A. 1022 networks, 62 hosts.

B. 62 networks, 1022 hosts.

C. 4094 networks, 14 hosts.

D. 14 networks, 4094 hosts.

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  1. Which type of connector is used on 10Base2 networks?
  2. Which of the following network topologies has the highest level of redundancy?
  3. What is the maximum size of IP header in the UDP Datagram format?
  4. ----------------is a static algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent out on every outgoing line…
  5. What is the default subnet mask for a class B network?
  6. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector?
  7. A modem is a card within a PC that converts the …………... the computer produces…
  8. Which of the following fields holds the packets of several protocols?
  9. What is used to boost a digital signal?
  10. _____________ command is used by the client to transfer the job across to the server.
  11. UDP datagram has a header, which is of ________.
  12. What is the maximum length of twisted-pair cable before a signal booster is needed? Select all that…
  13. Which of the following versions will replace IPv4 Internet layer?
  14. What is the default port for Telnet?
  15. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  16. Which of the following filed represents the sender of the message in an electronic mail?
  17. Which layer of the OSI model does a switch operate in?
  18. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  19. You have a network card with only one connector, which looks like a place to plug an oversized phone…
  20. What layer of the OSI protocol reference model does a bridge operate under?
  21. Which directory service is used in Windows 2000 Server?
  22. Which class of IP addressing was not brought in much use?
  23. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  24. T1 makes up 24 channels.
  25. ________acts as source and destination for IP traffic.
  26. Which of the following IEEE specifications uses CSMA/CD?
  27. In ________ routing, the tunnel creates a bridge through areas that do not support multicast traffic.
  28. Router B receives an update from router A that indicates Net1 is two hops away. The next update from…
  29. What is the IEEE specification for Ethernet?
  30. The packet transmit using standard Internet Protocol(IP) throughout the Internet by