If the pressure on 100 c.c. of air is halved, then its volume (at the same temperature) would be __________ c.c.

A. 100

B. 50

C. 205

D. 200

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  1. Which of the following has the least thermal efficiency?
  2. In case of a close thermodynamic system, there is __________ across the boundaries.
  3. If the internal energy of an ideal gas decreases by the same amount as the work done by the system,…
  4. The acentric factor of a materical, 'ω', is defined as ω = -log10(Prsat)Tr-1 = 0.7, where,…
  5. The efficiency of an Otto engine compared to that of a diesel engine, for the same compression ratio…
  6. Pick out the wrong statement.
  7. The number of degree of freedom for an Azeotropic mixture of ethanol and water in vapourliquid equilibrium,…
  8. Degree of freedom of the system ice-watervapour will be
  9. Van Laar equation deals with the activity coefficients in
  10. Joule-Thomson co-efficient for a perfect gas is
  11. A thermodynamic system is taken from state A to B along ACB and is brought back to A along BDA as shown…
  12. Pick out the wrong statement.
  13. Second law of thermodynamics is concerned with the
  14. Which one is true for a throttling process?
  15. For a given substance at a specified temperature, activity is __________ to fugacity.
  16. The ammonia synthesis reaction represented by N2 + 3H2 2NH3; ΔH = - 22.4 kcal, is
  17. In an irreversible process
  18. For a spontaneous process, free energy
  19. The partial pressure of each constituent present in an alloy is __________ the total vapor pressure…
  20. For equilibrium process (i.e. reversible) in an isolated system
  21. COP of a refrigerator drawing 1 kW of power per ton of refrigeration is about
  22. The amount of heat required to decompose a compound into its elements is __________ the heat of formation…
  23. The number of degrees of freedom at the triple point of water is
  24. A solid is transformed into vapour without going to the liquid phase at
  25. Ideal gas law is applicable at
  26. The standard state of a gas (at a given temperature) is the state in which fugacity is equal to
  27. Work done is a
  28. Heat pump
  29. A closed system is cooled reversibly from 100°C to 50°C. If no work is done on the system
  30. Entropy is a/an