If the price of Pepsi Cola goes down, you would predict:

A. An increase in supply of coca cola

B. A decrease in supply of coca cola

C. An increase in demand for coca cola

D. A decrease in demand for coca cola

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  1. The partial equilibrium model keeps other things:
  2. After reaching the saturation point consumption of additional units of the commodity cause:
  3. An indifference curve shows the bundles of two goods among which a consumer remains:
  4. Utility means:
  5. When a consumer is satisfied with his spending pattern, he is said to be in:
  6. In the case of two factor inputs which are neither perfectly complementary nor perfect substitutes,…
  7. The concept of industry in monopolistic competition has been replaced by:
  8. A firm will be in equilibrium when the lowest isocost is:
  9. Who finalized the model of imperfect competition?
  10. The basic subject matter of economics is:
  11. Abstinence or Waiting theory of Interest was presented by:
  12. The central problem of economics is:
  13. An exceptional demand curve is:
  14. A price is a ratio of exchange between:
  15. Human wants are:
  16. As the price of diamond is higher, so it has:
  17. The slope of an iso-quant represents:
  18. In monopolistic competition, the firms follow:
  19. The external economies of scale experienced by a firm include the:
  20. A typical demand curve cannot be:
  21. Supply of a commodity refers to:
  22. Which of the following oligopoly models is concerned with the maximization of joint profits?
  23. The long run average cost curve is the envelope of:
  24. A firms profit is equal to:
  25. The short run cost curve is U shaped because of:
  26. The right of individuals to control productive resources is known as:
  27. In dominant strategies I am doing the best, I can no matter:
  28. The low cost price leader will charge:
  29. In Revealed Preference Theory, Samuelson proves P.E = S.E + I.E :
  30. In income effect, we: