If TL is the largest allowable event occurrence time, total activity slack (s) is equal to

A. Latest start time earliest start time

B. Latest finish time earliest finish time (EFT)


D. All of the above

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  1. In time study, the rating factor is applied to determine
  2. In the Halsey 50-50 plan, the following are rewarded more
  3. The process layout is best suited where
  4. A-B-C analysis
  5. Earliest finish time can be regarded as
  6. The reasons which are basically responsible for the formation of a queue should be that
  7. The routing function in a production system design is concerned with
  8. Standard time is defined as
  9. The factors to be considered for production scheduling are
  10. PERT has following time estimate
  11. Queueing theory is used for
  12. An optimum project schedule implies
  13. String diagram is used
  14. The purpose of micro-motion study is to
  15. Product layout is used for
  16. Standing orders which are statutory are applicable to
  17. A device used for lifting or lowering objects suspended from a hook at the end of retractable chains…
  18. Which of the following organisations is best suited for steel plants
  19. PERT analysis is based upon
  20. Material handling in automobile industry is done by
  21. The critical activity has
  22. Queueing theory deals with problems of
  23. Actual performance of a task is called
  24. In which of the following layouts, the lines need to the balanced
  25. Under the Apprenticeship Act
  26. The start or completion of task is called
  27. PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications
  28. Which one of the following techniques is used for determining allowances in time study?
  29. A company spends considerable amount on publicity to promote sales. This expenditure in break even chart…
  30. Pick up the correct step used for scheduling a project by C.P.M.