If two gases have same reduced temperature and reduced pressure, then they will have the same

A. Volume

B. Mass

C. Critical temperature

D. None of these

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  1. The gas law (PV = RT) is true for an __________ change.
  2. With increase in pressure (above atmospheric pressure), the Cp of a gas
  3. Lenz's law results from the law of conservation of
  4. Joule-Thomson co-efficient for a perfect gas is
  5. In which of the following reaction equilibrium, the value of equilibrium constant Kp will be more than…
  6. The variation of heat of reaction with temperature at constant pressure is given by the __________ law.
  7. The freezing point of a liquid decreases when the pressure is increased, if the liquid __________ while…
  8. Specific __________ does not change during a phase change (e.g. sublimation, melting, vaporisation etc.).
  9. The Carnot co-efficient of performance (COP) of a domestic air conditioner compared to a household refrigerator…
  10. The relation connecting the fugacities of various components in a solution with one another and to composition…
  11. Fugacity and pressure are numerically equal, when the gas is
  12. Throttling (Joule-Thomson effect) process is a constant __________ process.
  13. Partial molar free energy of an element A in solution is same as its
  14. First law of thermodynamics deals with the
  15. At constant temperature and pressure, for one mole of a pure substance, the ratio of the free energy…
  16. Joule-Thomson effect i.e., a throttling process is a constant __________ process.
  17. The equation, Cp - Cv = R, is true for __________ gas.
  18. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = - nR ln (P2/P1), holds good for
  19. During a reversible isothermal expansion of an ideal gas, the entropy change is
  20. Solid and liquid phases of a substance are in equilibrium at the
  21. Which of the following is not a reversible process?
  22. The expression for the work done for a reversible polytropic process can be used to obtain the expression…
  23. For an isothermal reversible compression of an ideal gas
  24. In any spontaneous process, the __________ free energy decreases.
  25. The first law of thermodynamics is a restatement of the law of conservation of
  26. What is the number of degrees of freedom for liquid water in equilibrium with a mixture of nitrogen…
  27. Choose the condition that must be specified in order to liquify CO2 (triple point for CO2 is - 57°C…
  28. The equilibrium constant for a chemical reaction at two different temperatures is given by
  29. Degrees of freedom at triple point will be
  30. Which of the following is not an extensive property?