If two moving elements have surface contact in motion, such pair is known as

A. Sliding pair

B. Rolling pair

C. Surface pair

D. Higher pair

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  1. The minimum force required to slide a body of weight W on a rough horizontal plane is
  2. The Hooke's joint consists of:
  3. Lower pairs are those which have
  4. For S.H.M. cam, the acceleration of the follower at the ends of the stroke and aimed stroke respectively,…
  5. For a twin cylinder V-engine, the crank positions for primary reverse cranks and secondary direct cranks…
  6. A chain comprises of 5 links having 5 joints. Is it kinematic chain?
  7. The periodic time of one oscillation for a simple pendulum is
  8. The dynamic friction is the friction experienced by a body, when the body
  9. The distance by which the __________ of the D-slide valve overlaps the steam port is called exhaust…
  10. When the nature of contact between the elements of a pair is such that it can only slide relative to…
  11. For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with
  12. A simple spring-mass vibrating system has a natural frequency of fn. If the spring stiffness is halved…
  13. In a simple train of wheels, the velocity ratio __________ the intermediate wheels.
  14. Two pulleys of radii r₁ and r₂ and at distance x apart are connected by means of a cross…
  15. The maximum fluctuation of energy is the
  16. Cross head and guides form a
  17. The displacement of the D-slide valve is __________ the steam lap by a distance known as lead of the…
  18. The acceleration of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion, at any instant is given by
  19. Flexible coupling is used because
  20. The minimum periodic time of a compound pendulum is
  21. The frictional torque transmitted in a flat pivot bearing, considering uniform wear, is (where μ…
  22. The acceleration of a particle at any instant has two components i.e. radial component and tangential…
  23. The driving and driven shafts connected by a Hooke's joint will have equal speeds, if
  24. The coriolis component of acceleration is taken into account for
  25. The frequency of damped vibrations with viscous damping is ________ the frequency of undamped vibrations.
  26. 3.The retardation of a flat faced follower when it has contact at the apex of the nose of a circular…
  27. In gears, interference takes place when
  28. When the two elements of a pair have a surface contact when relative motion takes place and the surface…
  29. Which of the following disciplines provides study of relative motion between the parts of a machine?
  30. The balancing of a rigid rotor can be achieved by appropriately placing balancing masses in