Images can be loaded from

A. Images.FromFile

B. BitMap.FromFile

C. System.FromFile

D. Both a and b

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  1. What cannot be done if the table has no primary key
  2. In ListView the item that is currently selected is determined by
  3. To add items stored in an array to a ListView use
  4. A user wants that custom colors are visible when the Color Dialog Box is first Opened. What should he…
  5. _________ actually updates the values in a DataSet permanently
  6. To vertically arrange all forms in an MDI form use
  7. A Windows Service if installed cannot be uninstalled
  8. To view Panels of a StatusBar set _________ to true
  9. To display multiple columns in ListView the View property must be set to
  10. A DataSet can be updated only when the connection is open
  11. If you want to open a file named "a.txt" use
  12. Data from DataSet is accessed using34
  13. If Option Explicit is on then Dim i as Integer="10" will produce an error
  14. We need multiple ErrorProviders from multiple controls.
  15. Set method is used to
  16. To make a button the default button, this property of the form must be set
  17. A TreeView can have multiple root nodes
  18. A function can have multiple return statements
  19. Use a _________ statement to make Visual Basic object the default object for a set of enclosed Visual…
  20. For the same class "Me" and MyBase" are same
  21. Dim a() as Integer-{1,2,3,4}is a valid statement
  22. A DataSet can hold multiple tables even if there are similar fields
  23. Dim S as Integer=10Text1=SMsgbox(Text1.Text)
  24. To uninstall a Windows Service ____________ is use
  25. Function abc() As StringReturn 10End Function
  26. If a Class in inherited, its constructor is inherited automatically and it is fired automatically
  27. DomainUpDown control is used only for strings and NumericUpDown for numbers.
  28. In OLEDB database can be accessed without using DataSet
  29. When a project is Built it creates a _______ and ________ file under Bin directory
  30. A Class can inherit both Class and Interface at a time