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Directions: Consider the following graph where the prices of timber are given for the period 1997 ?2003. The prices for plywood and sawn timber are given in Rs/m^3 while the price of logs is given in Rs/tonne. Assume 1 tonne in equal to 1,000 kg and one cu. M. of log weights 800kg.

What is the correct answer?


In 2004, the prices of plywood, sawn timber and logs went up by 5%, 1% and 10% respectively and the total sales were made up of 40% plywood, 30% sawn timber and 30% logs. The average realization per cubic metre in 2004 was closest to

A. Rs. 15,500

B. Rs. 16,135.5

C. Rs. 14,500

D. Rs. 18,500

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