In a cold chamber die casting machine, only nonferrous alloys with _________ are casted.

A. Low melting temperature

B. High melting temperature

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of these

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  1. A casting defect which occurs due to improper venting of sand is known as
  2. The casting method adopted for ornaments and toys of nonferrous alloys, is
  3. In a four high rolling mill, the diameter of backing up rolls is ________ the diameter of working rolls.
  4. A taper provided on the pattern for its easy and clean withdrawal from the mould is known as
  5. Structural sections such as rails, angles, I-beams are made by
  6. According to Indian standard specifications, 100 H6/g 5 means that.
  7. In forehand welding, the angle between the welding rod and the work is kept as
  8. Thermit, used in Thermit welding, is a mixture of
  9. In order to deliver molten metal from pouring basin to gate, a ________ is used.
  10. A progressive limit gauge has
  11. Cast iron and steel pipes are produced by
  12. The process of increasing the cross-section of a bar at the expense of its length, is called
  13. In electric resistance welding, pressure applied varies from
  14. The width of slot cut by a hacksaw blade is _______ the width of the blade.
  15. V-block is used to
  16. The process of decreasing the cross-section of a bar and increasing its length, is called
  17. Riddle is used for
  18. During hot working of metals
  19. In sheet metal work, he cutting force on the tool can be reduced by
  20. A rip saw
  21. In a compound die
  22. In a centrifugal casting method
  23. Aluminium is the best material for making patterns because it is
  24. During cold working process
  25. The parts of circular cross-section which are symmetrical about the axis of rotation are made by
  26. When the file is moved to and fro over the work, it is known as
  27. When the molten metal is fed in the cavity of a metallic mould by gravity, the method of casting is…
  28. An oxidising process used for aluminium and magnesium articles is called
  29. Lancing is the operation of
  30. A file with 20 teeth in 25 mm is called