In a marine flange coupling, the pitch circle diameter of bolts is taken as

A. 1.2 d

B. 1.6 d

C. 2d

D. 2.5 d

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  1. Rankine's theory is used for
  2. A connecting rod is designed as a
  3. For tight leakage joints, following type of thread is best suited
  4. Basic shaft is one
  5. For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with
  6. The number of slots in a 25 mm castle nut is
  7. The helix angle for single helical gears ranges from
  8. In levers, leverage is the ratio of
  9. Tearing resistance required to tear off the plate per pitch length is (where p = Pitch of rivets, d…
  10. When two non-parallel or intersecting but coplanar shafts are connected by gears, the arrangement is…
  11. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  12. When a bolt is subjected to shock loading, the resilience of the bolt should be considered in order…
  13. When a circular beam of diameter d is subjected to a shear force F, the maximum shear stress induced…
  14. The size of a gear is usually specified by
  15. According to Indian standard specifications, a grey cast iron designated by 'FG 200' means that the
  16. Buttress threads are usually found on
  17. Jam nut is a locking device in which
  18. A circular shaft can transmit a torque of 5 kN-m. If the torque is reduced to 4 kN-m, then the maximum…
  19. The taper on cotter varies from
  20. The taper on a rectangular sunk key is
  21. In designing a connecting rod, it is considered like __________ for buckling about Y-axis.
  22. A tube has the following advantage over pipe
  23. Stress concentration is caused due to
  24. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
  25. The product of the diametral pitch and circular pitch is equal to
  26. For standard coarse threads of nut, the threads will be as strong in failure by shear as the bolt in…
  27. When bevel gears connect two shafts whose axes intersect at an angle greater than a right angle and…
  28. In order to avoid tearing of the plate at edge, the distance from the center line of the rivet hole…
  29. When the belt is transmitting maximum power,
  30. The shear stress in a beam varies from zero at the outer fibres to a maximum at the________.