In a multi-user database, if two users wish to update the same record at the same time, they are prevented from doing so by

A. jamming

B. password

C. documentation

D. record lock

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  1. Which one is correct statement?Logical data independence provides following without changing application…
  2. Shadow paging has
  3. For correct behaviour during recovery, undo and redo operation must be
  4. Between DRAM and magnetic disk storage another form of memory, called ______ memory is becoming common…
  5. HSAM stands for ……….
  6. Union operator is a :
  7. The ____ operator joins two or more conditions and displays rows only if that rows data satisfies all…
  8. _____clause is an additional filter that is applied to the result.
  9. Precedence graphs help to find a
  10. When an E-R diagram is mapped to tables, the representation is redundant for
  11. As per equivalence rules for query transformation, selection operation distributes over
  12. ______is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity
  13. _____ First proposed the process of normalization.
  14. Which of the following addressing modes permits relocation without any change over in the code?
  15. Checkpoints are a part of
  16. Create a table with the following attributes: Employee(EMPNO integer, EMPNAME of 10 characters)
  17. The statement that is executed automatically by the system as a side effect of the modification of the…
  18. Grant and revoke are _____ statements.
  19. A list consists of last names, first names, addresses and pin codes. If all people in the list have…
  20. A ____ key specifies a uniqueness constraint that no two distinct tuples in any state r of relation…
  21. In an ER diagram the ___shape specifies the Attibute and a ____ shape specifies the primary key attribute.
  22. The normalization was first proposed by .
  23. Relationships among relationships can be represented in an-E-R model using
  24. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a
  25. Which is the best file organization when data is frequently added or deleted from a file?
  26. The clause in SQL that specifies that the query result should be sorted in ascending or descending order…
  27. Which of the following aggregate functions does not ignore nulls in its results?.
  28. Key to represent relationship between tables is called
  29. Consider the join of relation R with a relation S. If R has m tuples and S has n tuples, then the maximum…
  30. The fact that information in the data warehouse changes far less often and may be regarded as non-real-time…