In a multiple V-belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is preferable to change the complete set to

A. Reduce vibration

B. Reduce slip

C. Ensure uniform loading

D. Ensure proper alignment

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  1. The gears are termed as medium velocity gears, if their peripheral velocity is
  2. Governor is used in automobile to
  3. Sensitiveness of the governor is defined as the ratio of the
  4. The relation l = (2/3).(j + 2) apply only to kinematic chains in which lower pairs are used. This may…
  5. The Hooke's joint consists of:
  6. The arrangement is called bevel gearing, when two __________ are connected by gears.
  7. The direction of Coriolis component of acceleration is the direction
  8. The ratio of the number of teeth to the pitch circle diameter in millimetres, is called
  9. The minimum periodic time of a compound pendulum is
  10. If two moving elements have surface contact in motion, such pair is known as
  11. A body will begin to move down an inclined plane, if the angle of inclination of the plane is ________…
  12. Which of the following is an inversion of Single slider crank chain?
  13. Balancing of rotating and reciprocating parts of an engine is necessary when it runs at
  14. When a slider moves on a fixed link having curved surface, their instantaneous centre lies
  15. The velocity of sliding of meshing gear teeth is (Where ω₁ and ω₂ are angular…
  16. In involute gears, the pressure angle is
  17. The stress induced in a body will be shear stress, when it is subjected to
  18. The centre distance between two meshing involute gears is equal to
  19. The number of links in pantograph mechanism is equal to
  20. When the crank is at the inner dead centre, in a reciprocating steam engine, then the velocity of the…
  21. The dynamic friction is the friction experienced by a body, when the body
  22. In Meyer's expansion valve, the main valve is driven by an eccentric having an angle of advance from
  23. In order to facilitate starting of locomotive in any position, the cranks of a locomotive with two cylinders,…
  24. The flank of the tooth is the surface of the tooth __________ the pitch surface.
  25. In a disc clutch, if there are n₁ number of discs on the driving shaft and n₂ number of…
  26. In steady state forced vibrations, the amplitude of vibrations at resonance is __________ damping coefficient.
  27. In Meyer's expansion valve, the expansion valve is driven by an eccentric having an angle of advance…
  28. A chain comprises of 5 links having 5 joints. Is it kinematic chain?
  29. The lower pair is a
  30. The efficiency of a screw jack is maximum, when (where α = Helix angle, and φ = Angle of friction)