In a refrigeration system, the expansion device is connected between the

A. Compressor and condenser

B. Condenser and receiver

C. Receiver and evaporator

D. Evaporator and compressor

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  1. In aqua ammonia and Lithium bromide water absorption refrigeration systems, the refrigerants are respectively
  2. A reversible engine has ideal thermal efficiency of 30%. When it is used as a refrigerating machine…
  3. A heat pump working on a reversed Carnot cycle has a C.O.P. of 5. It works as a refrigerator taking…
  4. In aircraft, air refrigeration Cycle is used because of
  5. During sensible cooling,
  6. Moisture should be removed from refrigerants to avoid
  7. The ratio of the actual mass of water vapour in a unit mass of dry air to the mass of water vapour in…
  8. A human body feels comfortable when the heat produced by the metabolism of human body is equal to the
  9. The thermostatic expansion valve is used in __________ type of evaporators.
  10. In vapour compression cycle the condition of refrigerant is superheated vapour
  11. The difference between dry bulb temperature and dew point temperature, is called
  12. The capacity of a domestic refrigerator is in the range of
  13. The conditioned air supplied to the room must have the capacity to take up
  14. The process of under-cooling is generally brought about by
  15. Choose the correct statement
  16. Chaperon equation is a relation between
  17. The undesirable property of a refrigerant is
  18. The leaks in a refrigeration system using Freon are detected by
  19. In larger industrial and commercial reciprocating compression systems, refrigerant widely used is
  20. In a spray washing system, if the temperature of water is higher than the dry bulb temperature of entering…
  21. The domestic refrigerator uses following type of compressor
  22. Domestic refrigerator working on vapour compression cycle uses the following type of expansion device
  23. An infinite parallel planes with emissivities e₁ and e₂, the interchange factor for radiation…
  24. For obtaining high COP, the pressure range of compressor should be
  25. The freezing point of sulphur dioxide is
  26. One ton of refrigeration is equal to the refrigeration effect corresponding to melting of 1000 kg of…
  27. Air refrigeration cycle is used in
  28. Carbon dioxide is
  29. The formation of frost on cooling coils in a refrigerator
  30. In vapour compression cycle using NH₃ as refrigerant, initial charge is filled at